Easy Programming - Easy Operation - Easy Structure
Flexible and compact workpiece stocker in combination with BV7-870 to fully automate the process of loading blanks and unloading finished parts. Developed in collaboration with Nomura Trading and WBT automation.
Technical data
• Quantity max.: 10 Trays
• Dimentions max.: 470x300x135mm
• Weight / Tray max.: 25 kg
• Connection: 230V / 16A
• Total weight approx.: 350 kg (Transport 400 kg)
„Ready to use“ - System
Loading system B-Stocker supplies "ready to use" - system, which means that after installation no additional actions are required, except for assigning points to the robot coordinate system
Safety control
Siemens safety control with „plug & work“ - interface to BROTHER SPEEDIO Machine. The Safety Monitor enables safe transmission and processing of safety relevant data from safety input slaves and safe shut-off of safety output slaves remotely over ASi right where the potentially dangerous motion takes place.
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