FEEDIO is developed in collaboration with Brother and ABB and is designed to increase effectivity of production and profitability of Brother machining centers. FEEDIO is available for all SPEEDIO series with compact footprint.
Plug & Play system
FEEDIO provides you a Plug & Play system using Brother’s fieldbus communication (Profi bus). Long unmanned processing time, high flexibility, various options that are best designed to fit with the system. Thanks to a customized SPEEDIO page on ABB’s FlexPendant, it is possible to operate and monitor signals on your Brother machine.
Intelligent vision system
With its intelligent vision system from ABB, FEEDIO offers great flexibility in working with different workpieces, easy calibration and great programming possibilities.
Wide range of additional options
With the options offered, you can achieve complete automation of the production process and high flexibility. Additional equipment is installed directly next to or inside the case. Looks colossal and takes up little space.
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