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By the distributor function of our company, value is offered to the world and the generation by wide business territory of natural resources, chemicals, medical supplies, electronic materials and machines.

» Nomura Trading Vietnam LLC
We export wood pellets from Vietnam to European markets.
Our wood pellets made from compacted sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips and wood logs, mainly use for industrial boilers and Biomass Combined Heat & Power (CHP) System.
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» Nanachart Traders Consolidation Ltd.(Thailand)
Nanachart Traders Consolidation Ltd. who has the best supplier of natural dried flower in the glassware that occupies a leading position in the world for the production of flower compositions in glass with their experience with over 20 years in this business. Florist designers and staff create new products with unique technology, thorough quality control at all processes, competitive pricing, and love for creating a product with surpassing characteristics.
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