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By the distributor function of our company, value is offered to the world and the generation by wide business territory of natural resources, chemicals, medical supplies, electronic materials and machines.

» Materials Division
Electronics Business Group
In the electronics industry where movement of merchandise is quick, we provide overseas clients with materials used in markets such as, flexible printed circuit boards, the display market, etc. We work with our customers to develop and offer new and exciting goods, and strive to be professionals within the industry, providing value as important business partners for suppliers and users alike.
Mineral Products Business Group
Export, import, and off-shore trading mainly on mineral product resources are conducted. The cement and clinker as the main business, we export it from Japan to Asia and Oceania. We are also focusing on expansion of off-shore coal trading in Asean market, and working on pioneering of biomass fuel dealings in recent years. We will build a firm network with the suppliers and customers responding to the market expansion in China and South East Asia remarkably developing, and aim for further growth.
Chemical Products No.1 Business Group
The field of goods we deal with are various such as chemicals, pharmaceutical & supplement raw materials and elastomer, etc. Especially, in the pharmaceutical field and the plastic field, the joint factory is developed in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and also play a role in the raw material supply chain offered a factory. From now on, domestic and our company will propose the business scheme suitable for the customer’s needs in the traditionally strong ASEAN area.
Chemical Products No.2 Business Group
We are developing our business focusing on the natural rubber and the latex which are our traditional trade materials. A stable supply of natural rubber and latex has been ensured over many years from the dawn of rubber industry.
We will offer new value while supporting the infrastructure base of rubber industry from now on.
» Machinery Division
Machinery No.1 Business Group
As the exclusive agent of leading Japanese machine tool manufacturers, we operate sales and maintenance service throughout European market. With our own showroom and technical staff in Frankfurt office and warehouse in Hamburg in Germany, we are able to provide prompt service to our customers. We contribute to the development of higher productivity to European local companies through distributing the top-notch machines, peripherals and useful information.
Machinery No.2 Business Group
We offer world leading maker’s products and element components for industrial machines, such as an oil dispenser, plastic injection molding machine. Through supply of these energy saving, a product with a low environmental impact and parts, we cooperate with the branch and subsidiary of China and Asian area, and we will contribute to the improvement in the living standard of every corner of the earth, and development and productivity expansion of industry. We will do full practical use of the trading company function cultivated through various business conditions until now, and will provide the service trusted by our customers.
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